Los Angles is where Priyanka (Bunty’s daughter) took care of us and we saw Hollywood Boulevard, Beverly Hills, Star Homes, Hollywood Sign, Warner Studios, Disney – California Adventure and above all Universal Studios. We celebrated Bunty Bua’s Birthday.

 Universal Studios – Entrance  Universal Studios – Entrance
 Universal Studios – London Guard
Singapore Zoo – White tigers
 Universal Studios – Coke fountains
 Universal Studios – Coke Fountains  Universal Studios – The pet show
 Universal Studios – Krusty land  Universal Studios – Production Central
 Universal Studios – Mummy Ride  Universal Studios – Transformer
 Universal Studios – Jurassic Park Ride  Universal Studios – Jurassic Park Ride
 Universal Studios – Jurassic Park Ride  Universal Studios – The studio tour Ride
 Universal Studios – Shrek 4D  Universal Studios – Simpsons Ride
 Universal Studios – Studio Tour  Universal Studios – Before Leaving
 LA La Verne – Bunty’s Birthday  Disney California Adventure Park – Mickey in the bus
 Disney California Adventure Park – Walt Disney and Mickey  Disney California Adventure Park – The road
 Disney California Adventure Park – House of Cards  Disney California Adventure Park – Carz the ride
 Disney California Adventure Park – Jurassic Park the ride  LA Boulevard
 LA Boulevard – With Mickey and Minnie  LA Boulevard
 LA Boulevard – Superman  LA – Star Homes tour
 LA Hollywood Sign Tour  LA Madam Tussauds – Anjelina
 LA Madam Tussauds – Jackie  LA Madam Tussauds
 LA Madam Tussauds  LA Guiness Book Museum – Smallest Woman

We were staying about an hour from LA in a place known as La Verne. Softy – Priyanka lives here and she drove us all around. From here we went to Las Vegas and came back.


 Warner Studios Tour – Harry Potters Car  Warner Studios Tour – Batman
 Warner Studios Tour – Bugs Bunny  Warner Studios Tour – Daffy Duck
 Warner Studios  Mom riding a car in a motorised car in the department store