Singapore was Fun and Vivek entertained me at Sentosa. Sangeeta, Priyanka, Anamika and Vivek joined us for Universal.

Bintan was an Island Lagoon Resort.

Fish Spa – the fishes eat your dead skin Singapore Zoo – White tigers
Singapore Zoo – White tigers  
Orangutan – named The Godfather Singapore Sentosa Island
Sentosa Train On Sentosa Merlion’s head
On Sentosa Merlion’s head In Sentosa Merlion’s Mouth
The Sentosa Merlion The Sentosa Merlion
Sentosa Python Sentosa Resorts World
My Favourite Ice Cream Sentosa Resorts World
The Duck Tour – this car goes in the water too – thats Anamika with me and Sangeeta with Mom
And now Singapore Universal Studios
 Outside the Universal  Kung Fu Panda
Just some character from film Entrance to the Mummy Ride – With MUMMY HAHAHA
Entrance to the Mummy Ride – With MUMMY HAHAHA Character from the film MUMMY
Character from the film MUMMY. See the legs Saw Shrek’s 4D Film
 Outside the ride of LOST WORLD  Outside the ride of LOST WORLD
 Met Shrek and princess  The Water world Movie show
 With Sherlock Holmes  Singapore Changi Airport
 The Marina Bay Sands Hotel – see the top  On top of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel
Bintan-We went by Ferry
 And now Bintan Lagoon Island Resort.  
 Another resort in Bintan  Chinese temple Bintan
 The golf club with Mom, Sangeeta and Anamika  With Sangeeta and Anamika