In the middle of the river were 1000 shiv lingas. Also there was vishnu jis statue which I couldn’t make out.


The drive was about 1 hour from the hotel;.


The top part have gone away in most because they were made in 900 AD about 1100 years and water has passed over them for so many years.


You will notice a picture of a flower, some pics of my hotel. The flower is the Lotus (Kamal Mam wala Kamal – Smile karna zor se yahaan par). They fold it really beautifully in this country. More pics will fllow in the next picture.


You may spot a very smart man in some pics – That is me hahahaha.


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On the top of a rock on a mountain one person carved a lying (recling Buddha) Some narrations are written below. You will also see some lotus flowers folded and a shivling at the base of a buddha statue.

The top of a mountain rock has been arved as the recling buddha. Some pictures you will see the entire mountain and on top is a conical shed in which was the reclining buddha. You will also see the folded lotus pics

You will see the shiv linga which is also prominent. Mixing of two cultures and a chaos created by two kings.