Dhruv and Ekta live here 

Our Trip started from Delhi – London – New York – Washington – Orlando – Los Angles – Vegas – Los Angles – London and back to Delhi.

Bunty Joined us in New York and left directly to Singapore from Los Angles.

We carried a wheel chair for Mom so that she could see more and we could be fast and it would be less tiring for her. Her legs are fine but she cant walk that much. The wheelchair must have done about 200 Kilometers on this trip and it was the most beautiful trip one could have had.

We avoided the Olympics because were not to keen besides the rush.

 With Dhruv waiting for jet boat on the Thames  On the Thames
 On Thames the London flyer in the backdrop  The London Bridge
 On the way to Grenwitch village  Grenwitch village – here time starts GMT
 On Dhruv and mom
 In The Olympics Stadium
Train Station
Beaconscot – A mini town – it has toy trains  and beautiful small houses
Outside the Buckingham palace
The personal boats warf
Charles Dickens home
Just a fountain On In here lies the Kohinoor Diamond
Famous Trafalgar Square The London Tower (Elizabeth tower)
Alice in Wonderland – Alices Shop in Oxford Oxford University – Oxford Town
Dhruv’s Birthday we went to Oxford
On flight Trafalgar with Dhruv and Ekta
They stand on the road He sits and there is no seat

The Interesting thing here were –

Sun sets at 9 PM

Taxis are beautiful

The bus and train routes are wonderful

One of the most beautiful and livable places in the World

We were there for a total of 2 days before London Olympics and 6 days after the Olympics.