Celebrating 10 years of Ansh

Went to Alwar district  Fatehgarh Farm and Resorts from Delhi for an overnight picnic. Also went to Sariska and before returning to Siliserh Lake. 

I flew specially for this occasion from Pune. 


Pune – Delhi – Alwar- Beas – Jallandhar – Ludhiana – Chandigarh – Delhi – Pune

A wonderful trip started on the 28th Feb and end on 7th of March.


In Fatehgarh resorts celebrated 10 years of our company with an out station trip to Sariska and Silsara lake near Alwar.

BEAS I had the honor of going to the Radha Swami Satsang in Beas and was humbled at the affections shown by My ED and CEO along with her husband. They humbled me and I have the ultimate respect for them.

What amazing food and that too at Rs. 18. Extraordinary arrangements and hats off to their organisational skills. Very serene and amazing organisation.


JALANDHAR  I dropped of at Jallandhar on the way back and stayed with an old cronie – Tinku Mama. Had Amrutsari Kulchas and Jawali Pakodas after 1981. Same taste and same wonderful Jawali gentleman on the counter.

LUDHIANA My cousin sister welcomed me warmly and made my favourite aalo subzi. She also took me to her farm and we could have a FAMILY Burai session which we enjoyed thouroughly. She arranged a vehicle for me to travel to Chandigarh and gave me a mithai which seemed a little problematic at first but was the ultimate channa barfis. Such a wonderful sister.

CHANDIGARH Total flop show. Went to sell my property, but thanks to a fallen economy didnt even visit the place and returned to Delhi next day onwards to Pune.

I know you dont care about my travels but WHO CARES.